5 Ways to Know your Church will Fail You

By Rev. David Wilson Rogers |  February 1, 2014

Follow these simple rules and the church will let you down, fail you, and leave you discgoruaged.  

1. Don’t participate, just consume. Being part of a church in which you do not participate is like joining a gym to get into shape and lose weight but never participating in the activities or exercises the gym offers.

2. Criticize the leadership. God calls us to pray for all leaders, including those who lead in the faith. When there are genuine issues, prayerfully seek resolution rather than complain to others about how awful it is.

3. Spend time with church members only in church on Sunday mornings. We are a community of faith, not a club that gathers for a one-hour meeting on Sunday morning. Without genuine fellowship outside of the church building, the church community will die.

4. Remember that it is all about you, getting what you need out of faith, and making sure you get fed. God gives richly, but whenever we make faith about us and simply attend to get fed spiritually, we become a drain on the fellowship of faith.

5. Get upset that the church is not perfect. Quite frankly, if the church was able to be perfect, we either would not need it or could never get into it. Yet it is our perfections as a church that provide room for growth and genuine ministry.

How can you serve your family of faith?