Carlsbad Battered Family Shelter

Families victimized by the brutality of violence have a safe place to stay in this secure Carlsbad facility, First Christian Church donates regularly to the Shelter and our Pastor, the Reverend Dave Rogers and one of our Deacons, Janet Ellis, both serve as volunteer members of the Shelter Board. Janet is the current Board President. The church also regularly collects food, money, and clothing items for the families staying at the shelter. 

This Church stands firmly the sin of domestic violence and affirms full equality and dignity to all people.  When violence disrupts more than just the life of the victim, it destroys families, homes, neighborhoods, and—if left unchecked—can spill over into future generations. First Christian believes in breaking the cycle of violence before it can perpetuate itself any further. This means we stand in solidarity with the victim in denouncing the evil of family violence and we advocate for the abusers to receive the support, counseling, and assistance necessary to end the patterns of violence in their own lives before the cycle repeats. 
Carlsbad Battered Family Shelter: For Information or Crisis Assistance