Black River Needs Your Help!

April 25, 2013

 (Letter from Black River Center for Learning, April 5, 2013)


Dear Family and Friends of Black River:

     As new managers, we wanted to update you on the beautification progress of Black River and again, “Thank” each and every one of you who support Black River and the outdoor ministry.  Whether you support the Center in prayer, financially or through service, you are an integral part of this ministry.  Essentially, YOU ARE BLACK RIVER!

     We have now been part of Black River and the surrounding communities for six months!  We have enjoyed getting to know many of you and look forward to getting to know the rest of you!  We are also very enthusiastic about the progress which has taken place here at Black River.  Accordingly, we would like to share with you the various projects we have been involved with since our arrival.  However, it must be noted that the completion of these projects would not be a reality without the help we have received from the community…...The following is a list of completed projects:

        Managers house cleaned, repaired and painted

Office re-organized and cleaned

Weaver cleaned, repaired and painted

Mindel cleaned, repaired and painted

Dining Hall cleaned, repaired and painted

Kitchen cleaned and organized

Menus re-vamped for quality and dietary standards

Funds raised for two new canoes

Camp store now open

Thorough grounds clean-up has begun

Benches repaired and stained in the outdoor worship areas


     As many of you know, Black River is a camp and conference center which serves both youth and adults. The Center is well used and is in need of repairs and maintenance due to age and continual usage. Furthermore, Black River has suffered financially as a direct result  of the fragmented economy.  With this letter is a copy of our “Wish List” and we ask each of you to take a moment to look over this list to see if you might be willing to fulfill either all or part of a specific request.  It would be a blessing to the camp.

     We feel blessed to be here and are enthusiastic about restoring Black River to its original beauty.  Many of you hold a special place in your heart for Black River and the Center is and/or could be a huge asset to this community.  We hope you will join us in the coming year for camps, retreats, family reunions, youth activities, worship services, fundraisers, and for volunteer camp work days.  Further, we welcome you to reach out to us and let us know how we could be of better service to you.


Blessings,    Don and Jane Chilcutt, Executive Managers



Dear Family and Friends:

          The following is a list of items the camp could really use.  Please take a moment to look over this list to see if you might be willing to fulfill either all or part of a specific request.  It would be a big help to the camp!



New Sign for the Front Entrance ($1,200)


Lumber, Hardware & Paint to Repair the Boat House ($300)


Paint, Hardware, & Chairs for the Pool Area ($250)


Concrete, Hardware, & Solar Light for Chalice Garden Area ($250)


Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, and Wheelbarrows (approximately $300)


Disc Golf Complete Set-Up (approximately $1,500)


Tetherball Set-Up (approximately $350)


Archery Complete Set-Up (approximately $1,500)


New Carpet for both Dorms (approximately $2,500)


Water Softener & RO System (approximately $3,500)


New Air Conditioning for Mindel Hall (approximately $1,500)


Two new Benches (approximately $1,200)


Funds to Finish the New Building (approximately $30,000)


New furniture for the Living Centers (approximately $5,000)



Checks can be made payable to Black River Center for Learning and you may specify what item you are donating so that we may credit accordingly.


Great Thanks and Blessings!


Black River Center for Learning