Dave’s Ministerial Musings

By Rev. David Wilson Rogers |  April 2, 2013

            The time of Lent is over and Easter is upon us! Throw off the old cloak of sin and captivity for we are clothed anew in Jesus Christ. This is Good News and in it we shout with triumphant joy!

            The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was more than a one-day event. Following the amazing events of that first Easter Morning, Jesus spent an additional 40 days with the Disciples. He ate with them, shared communion with them, prayed with them, and enjoyed incredibly powerful time with them.

            It was an amazing in-between time for Jesus and the disciples. He was clearly risen from the dead, but had not yet ascended into heaven.  It was also a special time of intimate transformation and preparation for the birth of the Church  on Pentecost Sunday, only 50 days away!

            For us, the time after Easter Sunday is also an important time of powerful transformation. Pentecost is only 50 days away—a mere seven weeks after Easter—and the time between now and then is incredibly sacred.

            This is the time when we need to take seriously the power of the Gospel and the significance of the Resurrection. It is a time when we are to prayerfully explore how the Risen Christ will transform our individual lives and our shared life as Christians in our beloved church. Let us share together in God’s Resurrection Power. Happy Easter                     

               — Dave