Dave Rogers and Jan Gonzales Represent the Church and Carlsbad in Santa Fe

By First Christian Church |  February 1, 2014

Every year the Carlsbad Chamber of CommerDavece sends a delegation of citizens and community leaders to Santa Fe for the legislative session. Called the “Bat Brigade,” it is a powerful tool of grass-roots, community action that makes a difference for Carlsbad.
    This year, our church is proud to have two delegates attending this critical trip. Jan Gonzales and Dave Rogers will be proudly representing the church in Santa Fe!
This was Jan’s first trip. Following her retirement in the last year, Jan now has the time to invest in cultivating community leadership such as the Bat Brigade. “I’m really looking forward to just learning all I can and seeing Santa Fe,” she said. Jan says that for years she’s known about this trip and heard wonderful stories of its success, so the chance to actually go is a really exciting opportunity for her.
Dave has attended regularly for many years and participated this year as a team leader and pastoral guest in the State Senate.
On Monday, January 28th, Dave gave the opening prayer in the Senate as they began their proceedings for the day. “It is a really special blessing to sit beside the Lieutenant Governor and address the Senatorial Leaders of our whole state in blessing them for the work they do, praying God’s wisdom and guidance for them, and seeking God’s peace for the citizens of our state,” he said. Later that day, Dave led a team to the State offices of Children Youth and Families Division (CYFD) to address the CYFD Cabinet Secretary on specific and pressing issues facing the citizens of Carlsbad.
We are proud to have two of our own leading the efforts in Santa Fe.