Ending Hunger and Empowering Learning

By Rev. David Wilson Rogers |  August 5, 2015

On Wednesday, August 05, 2015 the First Christian Church presented Packs for Hunger with a check for $280.37 to help start off the new school year. Robert Hutchins conducted the coin drive throughout the summer, simply collecting loose change in the large, 5-gallon water jug placed in the hallway outside the sanctuary. “I couldn’t believe the number of coins our church contributed,” he said. Packs for Hunger is a local organization that provides backpacks to children who depend solely on the school lunches for nutrition. Many children in Carlsbad schools would go with no food between lunch on Friday and the school breakfast on Monday morning if it were not for the lovingly prepared packs of food for that child for the weekend. In our continued commitment to empowering important ministries such as education, this simple mission goes a long way toward helping children have the nutrition necessary to learn in the classroom and excel in life.