Holy Week 2013

By First Christian Church |  March 19, 2013

This year Holy Week at First Christian Church will offer some amazingly wonderful and powerful spiritual opportunities like we have never known before in this church! Make your plans now to participate in Holy Week! 

Palm Sunday

A wonderful celebration of palms and worship at 10:30 will be followed by an amazing “Fifth Sunday” Luncheon fundraiser for General Assembly. The menu includes a delicious pork roast, gravy, fresh biscuits, and salad. All money raised will go to send church members to the General Assembly of the Christian Church in July.

Holy Week Prayer:

Every morning (Monday through Saturday) of holy week the church will be gathering for a time of prayer and biblical reflection in the friendship room at 10:00 AM.

The purpose will be to focus our hearts and minds on the significance of the Cross and Resurrection as we prepare for Easter and the celebration of God’s greatest triumph.

 The schedule will be:

 Monday: John 12:1-11, Jesus is anointed

Tuesday: John 12:20-36, Those who love their life will lose it

Wednesday: John 13:21-32, Betrayal

Thursday: John 13:1-17; 31b-35, Serving Christ

Friday: John 18:1-19-42, The Cross of Christ

Saturday: John 19:38-42, Tombs

Everyone who is able is encouraged and invited to participate in this sacred time of contemplative prayer and spiritual reflection on the most sacred story we know. It is a time to truly strengthen and bolster our faith.

Maundy Thursday:

This year the First Christian Church is joining with the First Presbyterian Church, Grace Episcopal Church, and St. Peter Lutheran Church for a combined Service of ecumenical celebration of Communion.  Worship begins at 7:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church on Halagueno Street, between Shaw and Stevens. In John 17, Jesus prays that the disciples may be one with each other as Christ is one with the Father. This combined worship will be, for our four congregations, a faithful effort at living out that most sacred and beautiful prayer of our Savior for our lives. Please make this time of prayer and worship a priority. In addition to a beautiful communion liturgy that combines the best of all four traditions, the four church choirs will be joining for a magnificent presentation of sacred music along with the Presbyterian’s beautiful pipe organ and a string quartet.

Holy Saturday:

Please make plans to spend Saturday afternoon, evening, and night at Black River For a family night of fun, Easter egg hunts, and worship. For meal planning, rsvp’s are encouraged. (Please confirm times with Black River)

Sunday Morning:

Easter Sunrise at Black River. Join us for this ecumenical service of worship and prayer as Phil Tozier presents a prayerful and dynamic dramatic representation of Easter through the eyes of those who were there. A breakfast follows worship. Everyone is encouraged to participate. (Confirm with Black River for times)

Sunday Easter Worship begins at 10:30 with dynamic Worship and celebration of communion.

God is amazing and this Easter will be a time of radical Holy Spirit Transformation indeed!