Reaching Out to First Christian Church in Owensboro, KY

By Week of Compassion |  March 21, 2013

Early in the morning on March 18th, First Christian Church in Owensboro, Kentucky was struck by lightning, setting fire to the sanctuary and subsequently destroying the building.  Though no injuries were reported, historic pieces of this beautiful church--including its pipe organ and stained glass window--are beyond repair.  Assessments for plans for recovery are still in development. 

Week of Compassion has been in touch with the Kentucky Regional Ministry Office and Pastors Jake Caldwell and Bekah Cypert, and we are currently working with them to assess the best avenues for response.  Please keep this congregation in your prayers as we reach out to them in Courageous Compassion.  

We never know when it might be us who are in need of compassion.   Week of Compassion offerings enable us, as Church, to respond to emergencies like this one, and to ensure that we are poised to respond to the next unexpected disaster. Thank you for your faithful generosity. 

Donations may be made through First Christian Church in Carlsbad by the designation Week of Compassion Ky on the check or envelope.