April 25, 2013

                      THEME:  NEIGHBORHOOD MISSIONS

                    JUNE 17 - 20, 9:00-11:30 AM

                    Host Church:  First Christian Church

                      With participation from St. Peter Lutheran Church,

                      First Presbyterian Church, and the Mennonite Church


As Host Church, we are responsible for the decoration theme (outdoor activities, camping, trees, kites, etc.), and water, drinks, paper products (plates, cups, and napkins), and carrots, celery sticks, pretzels, and grapes for children who may have gluten allergies to other snacks.  We will also host the closing ceremony with a cook-out theme with hot dogs, buns, and other churches will bring sides and desserts.  We will serve lemonade and tea also, besides water.


Service Project:  Backpacks for Crossroads, filled with small school supplies, toiletries, and a small packaged snack which will be brought by children each day, except for the snacks which will be provided by the combined churches.  Combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, small mirrors, possible small bottles of mouthwash, wash cloths and small towels, and small bottles of shampoo; pencils, small paper packs, and erasers.  These supplies will be for children of women located at the Crossroads Transitional Housing located on the West side of C Hill, who are here temporarily.  (The building was formerly the Fountain Restaurant.)


We need many congregational helpers in decorating, helping with VBS, and with daily snack serving.  We have decorations which are stored at the Lutheran Church, so unless there are further requests, we seem to be well supplied.


The children will have a scheduled supply list for each day, so parents will know what they need to bring and won’t bring too many of the same thing.  Money will also be used for these if necessary.


With your help, this will be an outstanding VBS experience for the children!