Week of the Laity 2014

February 28, 2014

Week of the Laity 2014
Rachel Rogers is consistently in Sunday School, worship, acolytes, runs the Power Point, youth programs, brings friends to church, helps whenever called upon such as Fellowship Dinners.

Olivia Quintana is faithful in worship and Sunday School, acolytes, youth worship programs, serves Fellowship Dinners or whenever asked.

Jacob Rogers is our tech man, runs the Power Point, fixes electronic equipment, helps with Fellowship Dinners or whenever asked.

Josh Smith brings friends to worship, helps with Fellowship Dinners or in the nursery, has helped with youth programs.

Janet Ellis, a relative newcomer, has gone right to work serving as deacon on the General Board, brings snacks, is a  liaison
to the Battered Family Shelter, and is eager to serve, she and her family participate in worship and congregational activities.

Lynda Bickerstaff has longtime roots in First Christian (her father Stanley Siegenthal and mother Connie Bickerstaff). Her daughter Jill Sowers and grandchildren Diana, Nicholas, and Makayla have been active with us. Lynda is faithful in worship-except when she’s playing bells with the Presbyterians!
We are so thankful for each contribution of our lay people, ministering in their own way.